Top Best Welding Gloves for MIG, TIG, and Stick April 2021

Welding Gloves

Welding is an activity of joining two metal bodies through heat which causes arc rays and you weld with your hands which makes it of crucial importance to keep your hands and eyes save from the rays that can be hazardous to your skin.

Being a welder, you are supposed to be aware of the damages, your work can cause you. With the use of best welding gloves, you will be able to work for longer time otherwise, there are plenty of sparks that can cause damage to your skin.

TIG welding is quite powerful and is considered as one of the strongest types of welding. It exposes the welder with the sparks, hot flying metals and harmful flash that can burn the sensitive skin of your hand. Precautionary measures are of crucial importance.

We have listed down the best heat resistant tig welding gloves, mig welding gloves, leather welding gloves, tillman welding gloves  after great research in order to give you best guide that would be beneficial for you in process of buying welding gloves.

Best Welding Gloves

1): RAPPICA Forge Welding Gloves:

RAPPICA Forge Welding Gloves


  • Designed MIG/TIG welding
  • Convenient and flexible
  • Long size keeps forearms protected
  • Heat and sweat resistant

This pair of welding gloves is considered as one of the most appreciated and positive reviewed products as it has durability and is made of leather material that will never disappoint you. The point is that it works not only for MIG and TIG welding but for other types of welding too.

With its long size of 16 inches, it benefits your forearms by keeping them safe. This welding glove works wonderfully not only in welding but you can wear it while cooking or doing BBQ. It will keep your hands safe from the flame and arc burns both.

As these Welding gloves are heat and sweat resistant with cotton lining inside, it keeps the hands of welder safe and are super comfortable. It absorbs dust soon and gets dirty easily but welders accept it for this is a part of their job.


What we liked
  • Leather body
  • Soft cotton inside
  • Long size
  • Flame and spark resistant
  • Sweat resistant
What we did not like
  • Loose fitting
  • Absorbs dirt easily

2): KIM YAUN Heat and Fire Resistant Gloves:

KIM YAUN Heat and Fire Resistant Gloves


  • Excellent customer care service
  • Flexible
  • Heat-resistant

Kim Yaun gloves are liked by people for the price it has and specification it offers. The company has an amazing customer care service where they offer their customer to return the product within 90 days and get refund of his money if he is not satisfied with the quality of product.

These welding gloves heat resistant can stand with 662 degree Fahrenheit only which hesitates the welder but you should remember the fact that no welding glove is designed to resist the highest temperature. Apart from this, it has a very flexible texture, internal cotton lining and is super comfortable.

They are heat resistant gloves for welding  and works marvelously to keep your hands safe from the sparks and rays that can burn your skin. It is 16 inches long with cowhide leather and pretty black color which attracts the eyes.


What we liked
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Long enough
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • Internal cotton lining
What we did not like
  • Cannot fight high temperature
  • Not good for TIG welding

3): Lincoln Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves:

Lincoln Traditional MIGStick Welding Gloves


  • Specially designed for MIG welding
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Internal cotton lining
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

This Lincoln welding gloves gloves is designed by high quality cowhide leather and is reliable for the ones who do mig welding or stick welding  on daily basis. They are heat and flame-resistant and highly comfortable. It has a fine and full sock lining and Kevlar stitching to make it as comfy as it possibly could be.

As for viewing it from aesthetic sense, it has a pretty black color with a bright orange color lining and is quite appealing to your eyes.

lincoln electric welding gloves  has a variety of things to offer. The gloves have high wear pads and they are not only heat-resistant but also have qualities of its own. The built-in cuff and higher quality leathers not only strengthens it but cotton lining provides protection to work for high temperature.

lincoln welding gloves are not long enough and are 14 inches only. Also, it does not entertain higher temperatures.

What we liked
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Kevlar stitching
What we did not like
  • Small in size
  • Not high temperature friendly

4): Caiman American MIG Welding Gloves:

Caiman American MIG Welding Gloves


  • External Deer lining and internal patches of pig
  • Length 21 inches
  • Heat-resistant
  • Kevlar stitching

These caiman welding gloves are considered as one of the most reliable welding gloves in the market as it has a pretty deer lining outside and is 21 inches long which covers your arms till elbows. Not only this, it has pig patches inside the places like cuffs, wrists and palms to ensure your safety. It also has amazing cotton lining. This mig welder gloves only thing bad all these safety measures cause is, it sweats more.

The finishing of Kevlar stitches is to ensure the life of gloves so it does not get damaged and break. They are extremely comfortable and heat resistant. It keeps your whole arm concealed from the flash rays but if you use it for too long, it gets too hot.

What we liked
  • Length
  • Deer skin’s protection
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Flexible


What we did not like
  • The gloves get hot
  • Hands get sweaty

5): Caiman White Goatskin Welding TIG, MIG Gloves:

Caiman White Goatskin Welding TIG, MIG Gloves


  • MIG and TIG friendly
  • Goatskin protection
  • Pretty white in color
  • Lightweight and super comfy

If you are a person who does welding on daily basis and it is basic necessity of your job to wear them, this pair of Caiman welding gloves is for you. It is made of goatskin and is truly impressive.

This (tig welding gloves, mig welder gloves pair ) Pair of gloves has pretty much to offer along-side a reasonable price. One thing we like about it is its size which protects your arms. It is quite lightweight and you would be at ease while wearing it.

The best way to define this pair is that it is well-formed, very flexible and has a thermal protection which makes it perfect for MIG and TIG welding projects.

This pair of welding gloves is also best budget welding gloves and cheap welding gloves.


What we liked
  • Light weight
  • Affordable
  • Soft and flexible
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
What we did not like
  • A little irritating in the beginning

6): OLSON DEEPAK Welding Gloves:

OLSON DEEPAK Welding Gloves


  • Cow leather material
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Mainly for beginners
  • Lightweight

Olsen Deepak is the brand serving to its customers for the past 30 years. If you are not a newbie and is working in this field for a long, you would be familiar with this brand but is you are a beginner or belongs to a DIY team, this is a thing designed for you.

These leather welding gloves are made of cow leather and are pretty soft when you touch them but they are durable and tough it feels soft, it is a safe product. The cotton lining inside absorbs the sweat and makes the hand feel safe. leather welding gloves

One of the most reliable features of these Olson Deepak gloves is dense stitching even under heavy use and has the ability to resist high temperatures. They are quite comfortable and flexible when you use them. You can use them not only for welding but for other activities too which include flames and flash.

What we liked
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
What we did not like
  • Small in size
  • Not good for experienced welders for it does not stand high temperature.

7): QEELINK Welding Gloves:

QEELINK Welding Gloves


  • Multi functional
  • Durable
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Cotton lining

Welding gloves are not to be used for welding purposes only, Right? When you are BBQing with your friends, the flying flashes from coal can burn your hands and can leave a red mark of burn on your hand. In order to prevent them, you should buy this multi-functional glove that can help you greatly in your work.

qeelink glove is very well-formed and has a fine cotton lining inside which absorbs your sweat in a very comforting way. Moreover, it is made of leather and is durable for safer use. This pair is strong enough as the finest Kevlar stitching makes it thrice stronger than the usual local gloves.

qeelink welding gloves internal cotton lining keeps your hands sweat free and makes you feel comfortable while you are working. The flexible design of this pair of gloves is of protective nature.

What we liked
  • Comfort it provides
  • Sweat free
  • Kevlar stitching
  • Durable
  • Multitasking
What we did not like
  • Not too long

8): John Tillman and Co Top Grain Leather MIG Gloves:

John Tillman and Co Top Grain Leather MIG Gloves


  • Heat-resistant
  • Guaranteed
  • Strong and durable
  • Cotton body

This brand is well known and has gained much reputation in past few years. The construction of these MIG welding Gloves is that Cowhide leather outside and cotton inside. Tillman gloves well-built structure keeps your hand protected from the flames.

For safety and comfort, this pair of gloves are stitched with Kevlar thread which increases durability and life. The best part we like about it is that it has a fine straight elastic which adjusts the fitting of gloves and does not let it loose. The fine cotton lining inside makes your hand feel relaxed and your work less tiresome.

The only thing which we found a little annoying is that three types of stuff are used to ensure your safety which definitely would have an increase in the weight of gloves. The three layers resulted in little bulkiness.

What we liked
  • Cowhide leather
  • Outer elastic for firmness
  • Cotton lining
  • Heat and sweat absorbent
What we did not like
  • Little overweight

Best Welding Gloves Buyer Guide

 Why Welding Gloves?

Being a professional or even unprofessional in our fields, we all are aware of the risks we take while working. Welding is the process that can cause you serious damages if you are not taking precautionary measures. You need to be aware of the environment you are working in as it will be hazardous to you if you care less.

Safety is essential when you are working in combining two metallic bodies and you can find the best welding gloves in the market after little research. The fuming UV radiations, arc rays, and flying sparks need to be avoided.

Most of the time when you buy a welding helmet, gloves come with it as many companies assure the safety of their customers. But in case you have not gotten one, you can have it now. They are very functional and protect your hands, fingers, palms, arms, and forearms.

How Do We Understand Durability?

The way we have kinds in welding, the same way welding gloves are secured for the safety from those types. You will find different types of welding gloves(welders gloves) but the first thing you need to understand being a professional is your need.

One of the things that customers question is the life of pairs. Well, these blacksmith gloves turn dry after using them for few years as they are exposed to heat all the time. You need to find well-designed gloves which offer a guarantee and built-in leather around your fingers and thumb.

The Kevlar stitching on gloves makes them strong and reliable while increasing their life. The Kevlar stitching increases the flexibility of the glove and the comfort it has.

Cowhide is considered tougher and solid. The gloves made with this leather are not only of high quality but also long-lasting. They are primarily used in MIG and Stick welding as they are hard and release much more flash than usual.

The gloves made with Pigskin are reliable too as they are sturdy. These welding gloves feel so soft and are quite breathable where your hand feels at peace while using them. This kind of gloves is specially designed for those who work all day.

Deerskin used in gloves are flexible and durable when you wear them and if you are a person who prefers TIG welding as a profession, DIYist, or hobbyist, this is designed to work for you.

Size and Length:

You should not forget this most important factor of suitable size that should fit your hands properly. We suggest you buy gloves that should cover your hands till the elbow.

While considering the size, make sure you buy the one which is comfortable. It comes in three sizes like dresses, small, medium and large so you can choose one among them according to your own comfortability level.

                      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are welding gloves fireproof?

Welding gloves are designed with flame and fire-resistant formulas that keep you safe from the fire and extreme heat you are working with. If you are professional, you work all day, and want to invest in the best, you should go for the ones that offer you Kevlar stitching as they are the most reliable ones.


What are welding gloves made of?

Welding gloves are made of leather from the outside and have a fine cotton lining inside so if you are keeping them too long on your hands, your sweat would get absorbed and you would not feel irritated while working.


What are good welding glove brands?

If you are looking for the best brands that offer you durability and comfort, you need to have a look at the brands we have listed down. All the brands are discussed with their specifications. The best we offer are Lincoln, Rapicca, and John Tillman welding gloves.

These gloves offer protection and reliability for TIG and MIG welding processes. Caiman white is cheap welding gloves and the best budget welding gloves.


How much do welding gloves cost?

When you are shopping for welding gloves, you will find that the price range starts from 4$ to 5$ but the cheap rates would not be of any benefit to you as they would not be reliable. The more you invest, the better you get. Invest your money around 40$ to 50$ and get the best welding gloves.


How long do welding gloves last?

If you have bought a pair of welding gloves at a low price and you work in a hard environment, it will hardly serve you for a week and you will notice it as it will have a hot burn on it. On the other hand, if you have invested in a better pair, it will last longer but you need to keep a check on them.


How to clean and wash welding gloves?

Washing them is quite easy but you should not forget that they are made of leather and much consumption of water can cause it damage. Take some lukewarm water and add the dish wash liquid to create a soupy solution. Soak them for some time.

After a little longer, rub softly with your hands and rinse them with cold water thoroughly. Hang or place them in an airy conditioned place for a few hours until they dry well.


Being a part of the welding field, you expose yourself to different kinds of heat and radiation that if not taken proper care of, can be hazardous to your health. It can leave burn marks and in order to keep your body work for longer, it is of crucial consideration to investing in things that can benefits you and protect you as you should never risk your health for your work.

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